Frequently asked questions about Tomette products

How can I reheat my TOMeTTe meals ?

Microwave: We pack our TOMeTTe meals with a Cryovac vacuum seal. You can simply put your meal in the microwave for 2mn 30sec. No need to puncture the seal: it will create a bubble and retain the inner steam, ensuring the whole meal has been evenly heated! Pretty smart, non?

Oven: Otherwise just dispose your meal in an ovenable plate and warm it up at 160°C for 8mn

Where are these French meals prepared ?

Our TOMeTTe meals are handcrafted by our qualified kiwi chef in our Auckland kitchen. We prepare and cook from local ingredients whenever possible; NZ vegetable gardens, orchards and meat quality are unrivaled, but sometimes we have to source the odd smoked paprika or black pepper from overseas.

Your products are natural: what does that mean?

All our meals are handcrafted from fresh ingredients. We are using traditional recipes: we don’t add any preservative, artificial colors or flavors.


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