The Tom in Tomette

Thomas has always been a keen traveller, so much so that he’d already checked off five continents before he hit the tender age of 20. But it was Venezuela that stole his heart – secret landscapes, an eternal summer – and a beautiful woman (now his wife).
After 10 years working for beauty giant L’Oreal (yes, his wife was very happy to trial all the products and okay, Thomas didn’t mind trying a few too), Thomas left the heady heights of posts in China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and Australia to settle in New Zealand, where he fell in love all over again. Four years and a baby daughter later, Thomas is still as much in love with Aotearoa as ever.

A Parisian at heart, Thomas quickly learned that while sophisticates go far, sailors go further. Initiated into the windsurfing game at just six years old, Thomas can regularly be found out on Auckland’s harbour kitesurfing, wakeboarding, paddleboarding and whatever other water toy he can get his hands on.

Back indoors, Thomas’ Parisian roots have cemented a love of food, wine and the long lunch. Lingering over meals (and licking one’s fingers) is an essential part of daily life, along with beautiful music (yep, Thomas is lucky enough to have married a singer – check out her pipes at

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