The Tomette Story

Hugo, the King of the Sampling, bewilders us with his traditional well thought-out recipes. He is a true young and seductive foodie.




Toscane, as the sun of her native Provence, daily enlightens our customers and quickly gains her name of “Reine of client services”.


William-157x300William, surely one of the youngest and brightest kiwi entrepreneur, titillates our taste buds and starts developing what will become TOMeTTe crepes.
Check Macarons by William to discover his new project.

Thomas Icehouse

The hard work is rewarded by the Icehouse Business Award !

Grégoire, with his smile to die for, captivates and delights many consumers. He astonishes us with scrumptious recipes for the soups.

After 9 months of really happy labour:  TOMeTTe is born! The products are on the market.

Bastille Day

Thibaut, the true – and so Parisian – business visionary and soup creator, enlightens everyone’s day with his amazing stories and his inimitable sense of humour.

Lillian, the computer expert, is so fast that even the machine is slower than her. She surprises us with her way of taking initiatives.


Julia, the Queen of the Provencal Lamb, develops the demonstrations in supermarkets for all of you to have a taste at our new range of products.



The team is thrilled and excited to have won 3 awards:

  • Best Convenience & Meal Award
  • Best processing Technology Award
  • and … the 2013 Supreme Award !


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